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August 13, 2013
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Godlovesyou by Christsaves Godlovesyou by Christsaves
God loves you, no matter what your going through He is with you and through it all we are with Him. That is if you believe Jesus is your King and savior our God loved us enough to let Jesus die on the cross for our sins. Praise God for He didn't stay dead but He lives for anyone who wants to be saved all they have to do is believe in Jesus Christ and repent from your sins. Live for Jesus and bring God glory in Jesus we are always in His hands.
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Jake821 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Oh really?

Explain why he took three of my closest relatives when I was just fourteen.

Explain why I was the ONE KID in school that nobody liked, and was segregated to a class for the "Emotionally Distressed" from how many fights they put me in?

Oh, how about  when it seems like things start turning around in my life, something always ALWAYS goes wrong to bring it all down?

I don't believe in God anymore. If he's the all powerful, loving being that he is, why the Hell would he do this to anybody? "Well, god works in mysterious ways!" That's just a way to say "We have NO clue".

It's pretty obvious that if the Big Man upstairs exists, he's not doing me any favors. That's why I'm an atheist. I'm not going to let some big invisible man in the sky determine what I can do. And I'm sure as Hell not going to listen to all of the religious nut-jobs who think I'm some baby killing devil worshipper just because I don't devote every second of my life to some made up deity. 
SheWhoIsAwesome Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm genuinely sorry for your experiences. 
I was highly unpopular in school also.
But if you go back to our own choices in which we had paradise, and decided to go against Him, then it is hopefully comprehensible that He did not want this. 
We were granted free will so that we would  be more than puppets.  And we were given a beautifully designed world to live in, with people to love and people to love us, even if a minority. Horrendous things happen, which is all the more reason we should try to help each other in the short time that we have. 

It could be argued that life is a test. I will take an example from my own life in which, in a nutshell, I was bullied. It was pretty bad but astonishingly I wouldn't change a thing that happened to me. I have learned so much; about myself and about others. I've gained a lot of first-hand empathy.
 Jesus himself suffered and suffered for us. But waiting beyond that - even if we're not perfect, because despite everything we have the amazing act of forgiveness - is Heaven, eternally. 
God is not just anybody, remember. He did create us (at least in my beliefs), so I think it's understandable that we respect His Commandments. It may seem irrational at first but ultimately they are their for our own good.

Lastly, I disagree with your branding of millions of the religious as "nut-jobs". I for one don't think you're a baby killing devil worshipper! Neither of us are perfect, after all. 
In my experience it is rare to find someone who thinks you're  a "devil worshipper" because you aren't devoted. 

Anyway, I hope things get better for you. It might be a long shot since I am nutty to you, but you could always message me if you want to talk about anything. I'm sorry that's all I've got, but venting can help sometimes.
Also, I have prayed for you. You may not believe in the deity but someone is thinking of you, that's all. Thanks for reading this.
Christsaves Featured By Owner Edited Aug 24, 2014

God gives you that choice though I hate to hear it and I am praying for you. The Bible teaches this world is cursed (Genesis 3:17) and it does not give the false view that if you’re a believer, life will be trouble-free and you’ll go around saying, “Praise the Lord!” but I know God will never leave us through our trials.

 If your relatives were followers of Jesus they are in a place where they do not hurt anymore. I believe that with all my heart so that is something to rejoice about though it does hurt when they go. I hear your pain and I know these things have hurt you and I want to help you understand. But I have to ask at the same time if God does not exists why do you attack something that to you does not exist?

Psalm 73 is the outline of this world and how it works and Psalm 73 is written by someone who struggled with what seemed to be unfair but instead of clinging to what the ruler of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) wants him to believe he turned to God and found the truth in God. We must look past this world and into the next. The life of the wicked is short-lived and their doom is eternal, but the blessings of the righteous will receive eternal life, and their trials are short-lived. Yes life is hard and unfair when sin entered this world so did death and trials. (Romans 5:21) tells us death came by sin and righteousness comes from Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us in Matthew 13 about the seeds and this is an outline of how people of this world will believe. Those seeds that don’t take deep root will wither away and return to the world. Here is something to think about why is it there is people in this world who have gone through the same as you or worst but instead of losing faith they get stronger in the faith? Because they have received the gift of the spirit and they depend on the spirit to guide them. They know where their reward is “Philippians 3:14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”.

I have to say you have gotten bad advice for someone to say God works in mysterious ways. Your right they have no clue and shouldn't be trying to help people with their faith. I have to admit Christianity is the most messed up religion on earth as the people of Christianity do not agree with one another and this is why we have so many denominations in the world but I say it is also proof that it is the correct path to God as well. Do you know why that is? Really why is it that no other religion in this world has people disagreeing and believing differently about its meanings? Because satan has no reason to mess with any other religion, he has created these religions and he has blinded the people who follow them (Ephesians 6:12). We live in a fallen world and that comes with fallen people. God didn't do anything to you; the things that happened to you in school were the choices of those who chose to act that way. If we lived the way the Bible tells us to live those things would have never happened to you. How is that God’s fault when He outlines how we should live but we choose to live like the world instead?

Faith comes with trials, this is why it is called faith (1 Peter 1:7). If things where good all the time then how could God reveal Himself to us. God brings glory to Himself through our trials at the same time trials reveal to us there is good and evil in this world. If our life was perfect then how could we witness to others in the world who are going through something we don’t understand? If you study the Bible and the disciples you will find they went through a lot of hardship and many Christian’s died in terrifying ways but they endured it for God’s glory (2 Corinthians 5:1–8). Today many Christian’s die for the name of Jesus, it is going on right now in the world we live in (praying). They have found hope and they hold fast to the promises of God. They find strength in the Lord and they endure it to the end (John 16:33). I could go on and on with God’s word to why this world is like it is but I can’t make you believe anything all I can do is plant the seed and pray for God to use it.

It comes down to this, people make choices and choices make people. Friend, I know life isn't fair and tell the truth I don’t use myself or my ideas because I want people to see Jesus not me but I have to share this. I got saved at 29 before that I thought I couldn't be good enough to go to heaven till one day I heard about the grace of God (thank you Jesus). Now I started out like the seeds sown on the rocky places. As I went through trials and I became mad at God, I asked a lot of the same questions you do now. I spent 9 years broke and weak to the flesh and asking God why He has left me like this. As soon as I would get up I would get knocked back down. There were times without food and power digging in the trash for something to sell, almost lost my house 3 times but now I look back and see where God kept me from losing it (Praise God). Though, I didn’t stop believing like you, I kept believing but I was mad at God backsliding to the world, living in the world, then I heard a man speak about what he went through and I thought about it thinking dude I have nothing on you, how do you not keep from being mad at God? As I listened to him speak he said something that jumped out at me, “people make choices and choices makes people” it made me think with each action comes a result so in a way we map out our paths through our decisions. I then realized I am missing the bigger picture. I started praying for God to humble me and take the anger I have and turn it too good. I started reading God’s word and it slowly began to open my eyes and ears. The word of God is powerful and through it anything is possible (Hebrews 4:12). I came to except my fate and told God if this is what my life is to be then so be it. I will turn it over to you and ever since then things have turned around for me. He has helped me to defeat strong holds in life and as I grow in the Lord I have come to understand it isn’t this world we await but the next. Job lost everything but his faith! God rewarded him in the end as He will do for all who believe in Jesus. I am a changed man, living for the Lord and indebted to Him for saving me from myself. Praise God for He works in me and I see with open eyes now.

God has planned it from the beginning and He awaits for it to all take place. God will one day be done with creating the perfect world in which He planned to do from the beginning. Yes, He loves us and doesn't want any of us to reject Him and our savior Jesus Christ. Because God gave us free will to decide what we want to do; this world had to take place so God could separate the people with His light in them from the ones who live by darkness. I am praying for you to find the truth and will keep praying for you! I pray for you to find your purpose and may God bless you with it. One day we will find ourselves on the new earth praying you too will be there.

I ask if you would listen to this YouTube message… this is a man who has no reason to believe in God but God gave him a purpose to live. God has given everyone of us a purpose and that’s the reason we are here to serve God in His plan and His purpose for us. This has set me free knowing God loved me enough to send Jesus to pay for my sins and one day I will share glory with Him. I now serve the almighty God but not without sin in my life. I still mess up, I will still fall in this world but I am forgiven because I have been covered in grace through my repentance. . If God stripped me of everything I will humbly accept it because I know what God has brought me from might and can come around again because of the world I live in. The Bible tells me I will suffer. My reward doesn't come from this world but from the God above, and the savior Jesus Christ sets at His right hand awaiting to come again!

NirvanaInKarma Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Explain Hell.
WingDiamond Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
NirvanaInKarma Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
Is that approval for making that observation about hell, or are you saying that Hell is good?
WingDiamond Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
The first one!
NirvanaInKarma Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014

Chrismilesprower Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Alway have and never have ever doubt on him. 
Christsaves Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
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